Discretionary Housing Payment Expenditure

The interactive charts below display the Discretionary Housing Payment returns data for the financial year 2015/16. The raw data was released by the Department for Work and Pensions today – 6th July 2016. I’ll be adding some further charts here when I’ve synced up the data with some other sheets (i.e. on the political control of the local authority + on the breakdown of expenditure between various reforms).

Aside from the spread of data outlined below, what will be immediately obvious is that the sizeable variation in the levels of spending has persisted. North Lincolnshire spent just 16.45% of their total allocation, whereas Stratford-on-Avon spent the maximum allowed by the regulations of 250%. As indicated in the histogram, most bunch around the 85-100% mark, trying to hit their original allocation.

The problems with the reliance on these payments have been discussed elsewhere. We await some further judicial consideration of their role and capacity for mitigating reforms following the Supreme Court “bedroom tax” case.